Nike Stole The Olympics from Adidas

London’s Summer 2012 Olympics embraced social media more so than any other Games before it (even Vancouver’s Winter Olympics which was where the social media movement surrounding the Olympic Games began). That meant that their advertisers and major sponsors had an additional channel to reach consumers.

Adidas was an official sponsor of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Nike sponsored many of the individual teams and athletes. Nike took to social media channels as well as developing heart-string-tugging television ads resulting in an increase of more than 11% for @Nike from opening to closing ceremonies and only 4% for @adidasoriginals.  Nike used every inch of the Olympic experience it could to get people talking about their brand and they were wildly successful.


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Nike Lets You Pay With Sweat Instead of Money

The Mexico division of Nike launched a unique social commerce campaign called #makeitcount.  See Facebook app they made for it.   Anyone with Nike shoes equipped with the wireless sensor that tracks your physical activity can win a pair of new shoes if they walk/run more than anyone in a given 15 day time period.  You join the Nike auction and bid against others, not in dollars but in miles walked.  At the end of each auction, a new auction starts and you have the opportunity again to win.

Great example of how a brand understands the rules of great marketing – to stick to their core story and brand promise which is about selling “performance” not shoes.

Watch the short video below about the campaign or read case study here.




5-25 Minute Videos Work Better Than 30 Second Spots

This case study features 4 examples of long form branded video content that drove millions of additional dollars and tens of millions of views using long-form copy in place of the typical 30-90 second spots.

What these videos prove is that people will make the time for well crafted stories that intersect with the narrative of their personal story.  It is true that consumers are getting more savvy about the “noise” online by deleting, skipping, or unsubscribing from your site faster than ever but for valid reasons.

Most of the content online is not worth their time.  Studies show that if you can capture their imagination and interest within the first 15 seconds of a video they will stay as long as you keep enriching them throughout the video.

Three of the four videos (HBO, Nike, KONY) in this case study are long.  The forth, featured below, Chipotle, is just over two minutes but considered long because it’s a TV commercial.  It was originally to air at the 2012 Super Bowl.  Risking it would have to be shortened to 30 seconds due to budget concerns, Chipotle opted to preserve the full story and air it during the 2012 Grammy Awards.  It ended up being so impactful it upstaged some of the Grammy performances that night.

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Chipotle Video

Creatively Setting Your Brand Apart

Nike’s Retail Brand Marketing Division and Dick Sporting Goods started ‘Beware the Long Ball’ campaign to own Major League Baseball’s All Star Game in Pittsburgh. Radio commercial such as Federal Emergency Broacast Warnings, transit shelters, bus boards, newspaper ads, handouts, postings, street teams and raving lunatics were launched. This helped connected with the people and media at a low budget. Nike and Dicks special clotheslines were sold-out city wide. Case Study