Best Buy: Twitter promotion

by Tod Maffin, Publisher,

Best Buy was seeking a way to give added value to their customers outside of their physical store locations, so they decided to develop a running promotion on Twitter to answer an array of electronic and computer related questions. They expected that by finding a service that their competitors could not provide and essentially giving it away for free, it would vault them into a much higher overall market share within their industry.

  • Qualified employees were asked to volunteer to answer questions on Twitter
  • Each response was catalogued so that other users could find information faster
  • Over 2,900 employees have answered 40,000 questions since the program launch

While it is tough to gauge the productivity of a free service, Best Buy has seen their @twelpforce account skyrocket with followers over the past twelve months. It also had an unexpected side-effect of boosting employee morale by making average workers the voice of the company; all on an extremely limited budget. You can read more about this case study here.

Consumer Electronics, Contest, Twitter