5-25 Minute Videos Work Better Than 30 Second Spots

by Tod Maffin, Publisher, CaseStudiesOnline.com
This case study features 4 examples of long form branded video content that drove millions of additional dollars and tens of millions of views using long-form copy in place of the typical 30-90 second spots.

What these videos prove is that people will make the time for well crafted stories that intersect with the narrative of their personal story.  It is true that consumers are getting more savvy about the “noise” online by deleting, skipping, or unsubscribing from your site faster than ever but for valid reasons.

Most of the content online is not worth their time.  Studies show that if you can capture their imagination and interest within the first 15 seconds of a video they will stay as long as you keep enriching them throughout the video.

Three of the four videos (HBO, Nike, KONY) in this case study are long.  The forth, featured below, Chipotle, is just over two minutes but considered long because it’s a TV commercial.  It was originally to air at the 2012 Super Bowl.  Risking it would have to be shortened to 30 seconds due to budget concerns, Chipotle opted to preserve the full story and air it during the 2012 Grammy Awards.  It ended up being so impactful it upstaged some of the Grammy performances that night.

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Chipotle Video

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